GI Joe: Live The Adventure Lunch Box

GI Joe: Live The Adventure Lunch Box

Retroist faves Rob O’Hara and Vic Sage recently posted up some cool pics of two different GI Joe Board Games. The First one, posted by Rob was the GI Joe Live The Adventure Game and later Vic Posted The GI Joe Commando Attack Game to the blog.

Both games are really great and brought back some great memories. One in particular was of a lunchbox that I myself had back in the day. I got to digging around in my retro collection and came across this! my GI Joe: Live The Adventure lunch box! With some recent lunchbox photos also gracing The Retroist. I thought maybe I’d get into the spirit of things and share a pic of my properly themed lunchbox.

I wasn’t familiar with the Live The Adventure game so it was cool to see Rob’s pic and tighten up my lunchbox’s identity a bit. The box was produced in 1986 by Aladin and has drawings of 1986 Joe figure releases Low-Light, Mainframe and Lifeline as well as laser trooper Sci-Fi and communications officer Dial-Tone.


[via] I See Robots


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