These Vintage Photos Of Mortimer Snerd and Charlie McCarthy Prove That Christmas May Be Over But The Nightmares Remain.

Images courtesy of the Decaying Hollywood Mansions FB Page.
Images courtesy of the Decaying Hollywood Mansions FB Page.

As you can all see from these charming vintage photos provided by the Decaying Hollywood Mansions Facebook Page of Edgar Bergen and his ventriloquist dummy pals, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd, it was a grand Christmas morning back in the day. But what they didn’t want you to see is how quickly the two creations of the blackest magic quickly reverted to their dangerous antics of destroying what they considered lesser toys!
Charlie McCarthy - Mortimer Snerd - Edgar Bergen - B - Decaying Hollywood Mansions

Now all of my silliness aside…we all know that I was just unlucky enough to get a Mortimer Snerd replica that had been in fact pure evil…but I still love everything that Edgar Bergen did, that is why I had entertained the notion of becoming a ventriloquist in the first place. Check out this short featuring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy and the creation of Mortimer Snerd himself!

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