The Night Before Christmas with the King’s Men set the stage for Santa’s Magic


I have posted about some Christmas songs that I could not wait to hear each season, but this is one I always wanted to save for the magic night. While I don’t remember anyone reading me The Night Before Christmas as a kid, I was not shortchanged as I had OTR cassette tapes at my disposal with Fibber Mcgee and Molly’s entertaining Christmas shows and the last show before Christmas each season always ended with the King’s Men and Billy Mills Orchestra’s musical version of the story.

It featured the precocious Teeny, a character from the show, performed by Molly herself, Marion Jordan, and painted a wonderful, whimsical vision of the story that was more vibrant than the pictures in any story book could do justice.

I always read the book to my kids when they were young, but I also made sure that they were exposed to this rendition.


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