Throwback Reviews Podcast – Christmas Memories

Image courtesy of the Throwback Reviews FB page.
Image courtesy of the Throwback Reviews FB page.

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all the heads up on the fact the new Throwback Reviews Podcast is up for your listening pleasure! Sean and Rob were not only kind enough to invite me back on the show but bend their schedules to fit my own so we could have a chance to talk about our favorite Christmas memories like what music our Families cherished during the Holidays, favorite traditions, Christmas Specials, and the joys and agonies of the toys we received and those we did not.

A word of warning however…on this podcast…you will hear my soul crushing story concerning the Coleco Tabletop Arcade games. A cautionary tale that in my youth caused a room full of fellow students to weep and gnash their teeth in impotent rage.

As always I had an absolute blast on their show and I think you’ll enjoy it as well. Just follow the link up top to give it a listen and when you have time make sure to hop over to the Facebook page and give them a like…or face the wrath of the Krampus!


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