Stan Boreson is a pretty Swingin’ Swede around Christmas Time


When the “Christmas Boxes” come out of storage each year, the first thing I try to do is pop in my favorite Christmas CD, “Stan and Doug Just Go Nuts at Christmas”. This year my wife and daughter made the suggestion that I don’t share that with them this year, so you lucky Retroist readers get to enjoy it with me this time around.

Stan Boreson was a Seattle legend, starring on the kid’s TV show “Kids Klubhouse” back in the 50’s. He made many recordings over the years, taking over the mantle of the original “goofy swede with the accordion”, Yogi Jorgenson. Stan’s version of Yogi’s “Yust Go Nuts at Christmas”, with his partner Doug Setterberg became the standard version in the northwest.

Most of the tracks from this CD are available on You Tube and the CD is available on Stan’s site. There is now a second Christmas album, “Stan Boreson Fractures Christmas” which I have ordered to “share” with everyone next year.


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