On the fourth day of greedy……….


When I was a kid, I would be waiting each holiday season for the local radio stations to get into full Christmas mode (which used to happen much later than today), so I could hear “The Chickens are in the Chimes”, a hip parody version of the Twelve Days Of Christmas, by Sascha Burland and the Skipjack Choir. The song, released in 1963 painted a fairly realistic look at what chaos would be caused if someone were to actually receive all the gifts enumerated in the lyrics and little me thought it was hilarious. The record also featured Mason Adams, who’s voice was everywhere in commercials in the era when I was listening, but he also was a notable character actor and a staple of old-time radio.


I am a junior-grade retroist working out of the NW office, close to my Retro cave in Woodland, WA. I enjoy old video games, toys, books, movies, band-aid tins full of old Cracker Jack prizes and long walks on the beach.

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