He Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Man At Arms

Hi Kids. I’m not as big a fan of He-Man as I am some other properties. Still though, I have some figures in my collection and something about good ol’ Man At Arms caught my eye so I took him out into my front yard for a little impromptu fashion shoot.

I’ve always been a fan of “the other guy” in the show. You know, the second banana, the sidekick. So out of all the overly muscular MOTU characters the one that I empathized with the most was Man At Arms, even if he didn’t have the cool mustache like he did on the cartoon.


As a kid I didn’t see myself as being cool enough to be the star of the show but with a little imagination I could see myself as the star’s pal. Also, the sidekick frequently buys the farm when the writer feels the villain needs to get some heat on the hero and I’ve always been a fan of feeling sorry for myself and nothing says that like getting killed for sympathy.


Man At Arms never suffered a sympathy death which is good for him but one has to wonder if he might have been more popular if he had. That might sound cold but look what it did for Captain America’s pal Bucky Barnes. He died a heroic death and got to return years later and take over the role of Captain America when Steve Rogers briefly passed away.

Imagine if Man At Arms was offered the chance to wield the Power Of Greyskull in Adam’s absence. Think what it’d do for his career. I guess Adam would have to die first but I don’t think anyone would be too upset if that took place. Dude was kind of a dork.


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