80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode – Twilight Zone Season 1 Episode 13

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.
Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

No, friends, you are not seeing double! The latest 80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode is up for your listening pleasure! So come join Doug, Claymation Werewolf, and Phishbon3s as they discuss the 13th episode of the 1985 Twilight Zone first season. While I am no longer able to record with the gang in person they have graciously allowed me to continue to prerecord info on the notable cast and crew of the segments…so that I live up to the name Vicarious Vic Sage.

The 80s Anthologies crew has been saving this Christmas Season one up, that is why the last podcast was episode 19. There are three segments being reviewed this time, “Night of the Meek”, “But Can She Type?”, and “The Star”. I believe the “Night of the Meek” segment is the first that is an actual remake of an original Twilight Zone episode, that being “The Night of the Meek” from 1960.

“Night of the Meek”
Night of the Meek - Twilight Zone
When department store Santa, Henry Corwin (Richard Mulligan), shops up on the job in an inebriated state, he is promptly sacked and given a verbal dressing down by the store owner, Mr. Dundee (William Atherton). Thankfully for Mr. Corwin and the many children of his neighborhood, the Twilight Zone has an early Christmas Gift tucked safely away in his stocking.

“But Can She Type?”
But Can She Type - Twilight Zone
When harried secretary Karen Billings (Pam Dawber) uses the copier, she finds herself in a miraculous alternate world where Secretaries are not only in short supply but greatly appreciated! Why in this world she finds herself being hit upon and the toast of parties! Is it too good to last though?

“The Star”
The Star - Twilight Zone
After Dr. Chandler (Donald Moffat) and Father Matthew finish with a theological debate aboard their starship they are alerted to a subspace signal from a planet that had perished long ago. The duo land upon the lifeless planet to discover the remnants of a highly advanced culture, thanks to a computer record they are able to learn of the peace the civilization had experienced. Dr. Chandler wonders how long the planet has been dead due to a super nova and when Father Matthew calculates the time…he is shocked to discover that it would have been 3120 years earlier when the people of Earth would have seen the light from the destruction of the civilization. It would appear they are standing on the “Star of Bethlehem”!

So when you get a moment why not visit the link provided in this post or drop by the McCoyCast Site or iTunes or even Stitcher and give it a listen? If you like what you hear why not drop us some feedback and let us know if you agree or disagree with our decisions on the merit of each segment?


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