The Making Of Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1984)

Mickey's Christmas Carol
Now when Mickey’s Christmas Carol was first released in my neck of the woods back in 1983 it was packaged with the reissue of the Rescuers. It also marked the first time in 30 years that a new Mickey Mouse short was being released and I can recall that being such a big deal to me even as a 12 year old. It might have helped that Hardee’s was running a promotion where you could pick up a plush character from the 26 minute short with the purchase of a meal and I kind of wore my Father down until he agreed to go and purchase one for me. When he got back he was pretty upset because they had apparently all been sold out…or so he would have me believe…for the next morning when I got to eat up breakfast there was a Goofy plush sitting in my chair!

The Making of Mickey’s Christmas Carol seems to have been an addition to the 1984 video release of the short, at least that is what the comments from Jiminy Cricket states on the YouTube video…and who am I to argue with such a wise character?

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While trying to verify that bit of info from Jiminy I did come across some other interesting tidbits. Mickey’s Christmas Carol marks the first time Alan Young provided the voice of Scrooge McDuck (Even though he did so on the record the short film is based on and helped co-write it) for animation and it is the last time that Clarence Nash portrayed the voice of Donald Duck. The opening scene of the film has been reported to be based on one of Carl Bark’s paintings entitled “The Season To Be Jolly”.
The Season To Be Jolly - Carl Barks - Scrooge McDuck


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