80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode – Twilight Zone Season 1 Episode 19

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.
Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

The latest 80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode is up for your listening pleasure! So come join Doug, Claymation Werewolf, and Phishbon3s as they discuss the 19th episode of the 1985 Twilight Zone first season. My work schedule has changed and while I am no longer able to record with the gang in person they have graciously allowed me to continue to prerecord info on the notable cast and crew of the segments…so that I live up to the name Vicarious Vic Sage.

This go around the gang tackles two segments from the 1985 Twilight Zone entitled “The Leprechaun Artist” and “Dead Run”. In my opinion the second segment is far and above one of the best segments I’ve seen on the 1985 Twilight Zone revival and could easily be turned into a feature film.

“The Leprechaun Artist”
The Leprechaun Artist - Twilight Zone
When Richie (Bradley Gregg), Buddy (Danny Nucci), and JP (Joey Green) happen upon a vacationing Leprechaun played by Cork Hubbert (Legend, Caveman, Over the Rainbow), they are quick to capture him and find that each of the wishes they devise has an unintended and unfavorable outcome.

“Dead Run”
Dead Run - Twilight Zone
Johnny (Steve Railsback) is a down on his luck truck driver but thanks to a fellow trucker, a friend of the family named Pete (Barry Corbin) he is lucky enough to secure a new job…an unusual one to say the least. The two are tasked with trucking the souls of the damned to Hell itself!

So when you get a moment why not visit the link provided in this post or drop by the McCoyCast Site or iTunes or even Stitcher and give it a listen? If you like what you hear why not drop us some feedback and let us know if you agree or disagree with our decisions on the merit of each segment?


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