Steven Spielberg Interviewed on Japanese Television in 1982


In 1982, YouTube user 1976REDRYDER, was stationed in Japan while in the Air Force and recorded this wonderful interview with Steven Spielberg. It is a remarkably long interview and has some wonderful commercials still intact. I always enjoy hearing from 1980s Spielberg since his creative talents helped to define my cinematic upbringing. His opinions on TV at a little before 1 hour mark are particularly interesting. He says there is not time for quality in TV and that it “rather than raising consciousness it devours consciousness”. Although he does like Cheers, Taxi, MASH, St. Elsewhere and Hill Street Blues. I wonder if he would say the same thing today or if he would reverse his opinion.

If you are not in the mood to sit around for the whole interview. Fast forward to 1:11:55 to see John Williams play the ET music on a piano (along with another tune you might recognize).


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