Sensible Soccer Meets Bulldog Blighty


I was expecting this post to be all about a Christmas-themed Amiga mini-game that crossed two of my favourite Sensible Software titles – the brilliant Sensible Soccer and the sublime Cannon Fodder.

However, it seems my memory of this game is a little wayward. I remembered a game where soldiers from Cannon Fodder played a Yuletide soccer match using a grenade in place of a ball. It turns out that the game in my memory wasn’t seasonal, yet I was certain I had played this very game with snow, so what was going on?

Further research revealed that there were actually two distinct mini-games featuring both franchises. The second, Cannon Soccer is much more festive and a lot less sporting, tasking your group of soldiers with the simple task of slaughtering a soccer team on a frozen soccer pitch before partaking in a little more slaughter in the snow.

Both of these mini games appeared on the cover disks of UK Amiga monthly magazines. Cannon Soccer came with Amiga Format and Bulldog Blighty with Amiga Power.

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