BMXPlus Presents “RadTV – The Sequel”


My childhood friends and I were constantly riding our bikes. So it is not surprising that we briefly went through a BMX Freestyle phase. We would all attempt to tricks and some of my luckier pals got fancy bikes made from high-end materials and tricked out with all the accessories needed to make them into superstars. A year or so later nearly all of them stopped riding their bikes and they were left out to rust in garages and sheds. My Team Murray still got used, up until it was run over by a neighbor after I accidentally left it in his drive way.

The bikes might be gone but all the memories remain including the Freestyle phase. We all read the magazines, but I am not so sure we ever sent away for videos like “RadTV – The Sequel” (I never even saw the first one). Watching it now, I am glad I didn’t see these tricks. I would have broken my neck attempting just about any of them.


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