Want to be a Music Star? Read “Just for the Record”


I wonder how many young artists saved their pennies and sent away for this 700 page tome in the hopes of making it big in the 1980s music industry? I would see offers like this for things on TV that were not “sold in stores” and would run to my Mom asking her to buy it. She had a great line for deflecting me that still sticks with me to this day. “If it were any good, they would be selling it in stores.”

I do not have a background in consumer products or economics, so I am still not able to refute her argument. Which is good, because otherwise I would own a library of unread books and have drawers of kitchen gadgets that I never use.

If I was going to write a book and sell it on TV it would be a book about writing books that you sell on TV. I would call it “Buy the Book” as a play on “By the Book” and it would make millions.



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