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Long before the advent of the internet as we know it, those of us who wanted the latest skateboard-related news got it from magazines. For a kid growing up in the Midwest, magazines like Thrasher were our link to what was going on in the world of skateboarding. I loved reading interviews with skaters and looking at the pictures of the tricks they could pull off. I also liked reading the music and movie reviews and even looking at the ads and dreaming of ways to spent my lunch money. I often made plans of skipping lunch for weeks or months at a time in hopes of saving up all that lunch money and upgrading my wheels or buying new skate shoes… but I was a pretty hungry kid so I was never able to save much.

I never subscribed to Thrasher Magazine but if I went grocery shopping with my mom I could usually talk her into buying me one. I have a box full of those old magazines out in my garage. The box is filled with skateboard, music (rock and heavy metal), minitruck, martial arts, and UFO-related magazines. That box pretty much sums up my teenage years.

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