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Thrasher Magazines

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Long before the advent of the internet as we know it, those of us who wanted the latest skateboard-related news got it from magazines. For a kid growing up in the Midwest, magazines like Thrasher were our link to what was going on in the world of skateboarding. I loved reading interviews with skaters and looking at the pictures of the tricks they could pull off. I also liked reading the music and movie reviews and even looking at the ads and dreaming of ways to spent my lunch money. I often made plans of skipping lunch for weeks or months at a time in hopes of saving up all that lunch money and upgrading my wheels or buying new skate shoes… but I was a pretty hungry kid so I was never able to save much.

I never subscribed to Thrasher Magazine but if I went grocery shopping with my mom I could usually talk her into buying me one. I have a box full of those old magazines out in my garage. The box is filled with skateboard, music (rock and heavy metal), minitruck, martial arts, and UFO-related magazines. That box pretty much sums up my teenage years.

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  1. I don’t think I ever subscribed either, but like you, Thrasher and Transworld were the only real windows into what was going on in the skating world. Living in West Virginia keeps you shut out to a lot of things, but we did have a pretty large skating community. Amazingly enough, the Bones Brigade stopped by my town not once, but twice! Amazing times spent on a plank of maple/Boneite/whatever type of pine/pressboard Nash used…ah memories. I may have emailed you about this, but the Bones Brigade documentary is excellent.

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