Paul Walker and Little Sister Ashlie on “I’m Telling”

Paul Walker and Little Sister Ashlie on “I’m Telling”


Every kid has probably had the secret wish to be a contestant on a game show. This could be especially true of children of the 80’s and 90’s who had these programs specifically designed for their generation. Who wouldn’t want to get slimed on “Double Dare”, run through the giant house of “Finders Keepers”, brave the “Legends of the Hidden Temple,” and prove they have “Guts”? Every now and again, YouTubers can even spot some up and coming child stars appearing as contestants on these game shows. Jenny Lewis won on “Card Sharks” Kids’ Week, and Chad Allen and twin sister Charity competed on the brother-sister show “I’m Telling.” When my sister and I found this episode of Paul Walker and little sister Ashlie teaming up for the show, I was struck by how fun the episode looked (and how much Ashlie looks like Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson from her Kids Incorporated days.)

Paul Walker has always been one of my favorite actors. I don’t really think of him as the “Fast and the Furious” guy, but rather the youthful actor with the kind eyes and warm smile, who rescued his beloved sled dogs from the Arctic in “Eight Below,” played high school football with James Van der Beek in “Varsity Blues”, and was part of the cool crowd with Freddie Prinze Jr. In “She’s All That.” Making guest appearances on “Highway to Heaven” and “Who’s the Boss”, I think of Paul as the child actor I always enjoyed watching in my favorite TV shows and then teen films. In interview, he seems as fun and easy-going as his friends describe him. According to the boy who appeared on “I’m Telling” with Paul and his sister (and posted this YouTube video with behind-the-scenes info), Paul was exactly like that in person :)

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