Return of the Jedi School Folders from 1983

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I began 7th grade in 1985, and for the first time that year I was required to buy six different folders (one for each of my classes). Even though the film had been out for a couple of years by that point in time, I was still a big fan of Return of the Jedi in 1985. As part of my “back to school” supplies that year, my mom bought me these folders. Originally there were six and it looks like I’m missing one (I think there was one with a B-Wing on it). While digging through a tub of “Star Wars stuff” out in my garage, I found these over the weekend.

The “Speeder Bike” folder is in the worst condition of the remaining five (as the Biker Scouts have always been my favorite). Each of the folders have price tags from Target on them for 49 cents. I’m not sure if that was the original price or, if by 1985, they had made it to the discount bin. I also seem to remember having a couple of spiral notebooks with matching covers around that same time.

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