Remembering Peter O’Toole (1932 – 2013)

Peter O'Toole
I’m pretty sure that anyone that has turned on the TV or picked up a newspaper today has learned that the World has lost a great actor of film and stage with the passing yesterday of Peter Seamus O’Toole.

Perhaps it had been his length of time as an actor that made me feel as if I knew him but when I read the news yesterday it really affected me, it hit me hard, as if I had lost a friend. I sat down and thought about all of the great roles Peter O’Toole had obtained and some of the not so great but no matter what character he was portraying he seemed to be having a fantastic time, there was that mischievous twinkle in his eyes. So today I felt it would be best if I shared with you some of my favorite films from his career, those that I think about most often when talking about Peter O’Toole…some choices might be more obvious than others.

When I first began working at the Razorback Theater I picked up a saying whenever we would learn of someone of great stature passing away in the entertainment industry and I continue to use it to this day, a sign of respect on the loss of such a person.

“Dim the lights in the auditorium.”

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
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The Lion in Winter (1968)

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Man of La Mancha (1972)

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My Favorite Year (1982)

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Club Paradise (1986)

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