Retro Radio Memories: The Lone Ranger – “The Christmas Tree” (1950)

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Welcome back friends to another episode of Retro Radio Memories! This week we have an episode of the classic Lone Ranger radio serial that originally aired on December 25, 1950 entitled “The Christmas Tree”. This episode features of course the Lone Ranger and Tonto but the masked man’s Nephew Dan Reid is along for the ride as well, you might recall from other Retro Radio Memories that Dan Reid is the Father of Britt Reid or as he is more commonly known…the Green Hornet!

This episode finds the trio coming to the aid of a man named Paul Dawson who finds himself one of the newest employees of the Upton Silver Mining Company, he has more than his fair share of trouble though with a paralyzed wife and trying to raise an 8-year old boy. There is hope for his wife however because if Paul can raise the money he can secure the services of a surgeon that will perform an operation to give the gift of mobility back to her, which is where another problem comes into play…the payroll that Paul oversees comes up $500 short. Paul looks to be framed for the missing money and panics, heading out into the mountains to hide from the Sheriff and his posse…will the trio of heroes be able to get to the bottom of the mystery in time to return Paul to his family in time for Christmas?

So why not come join us as we travel back to not only thrilling days of yesteryear but to a simpler time on Retro Radio Memories with the Lone Ranger!


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