Do You Remember Rich Little’s Christmas Carol Special On HBO? (1978)

Rich Little - A Christmas Carol - HBO
Back in 1978 my Family didn’t have HBO so I didn’t get to see Rich Little’s Christmas Carol until a few years later when I rented it one Christmas Eve at our local video store. My Family is a house divided when it comes to Rich Little, my Father and Grandmother quite frankly despise the comedian/impersonator while my Grandfather and I both enjoyed his work. So upon first viewing of this special there were moments of complete guffawing from one side of the house and crossed arms and frowns from the other side.

This is pretty much a one-man performance by Rich Little as he turns the story of A Christmas Carol on it’s ear, taking the familiar characters of the story and changing them into even more familiar celebrity impersonations. For example he portrays Scrooge as being W.C. Fields, Paul Lynde as Bob Cratchit, Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton) as Mrs. Cratchit, Peter Falk as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Jack Benny as the Boy Outside the Window to name just a few. It’s a fun special and thanks to Classic HBO we can watch all of it online!

I really got a kick out of the commercials for then upcoming movies to HBO like Superman II at the beginning of the upload!


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