Dark Crystal Lunchbox

Dark Crystal Lunchbox

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It’s got Jen! It’s got Kira! It’s got a bag full of Doritos and a Thermos full of Kool-Aid! It’s the Dark Crystal lunchbox, straight from eBay to me!

Last week on Throwback Reviews Sean and I along with special guest Doug McCoy did an entire show dedicated to The Dark Crystal. While Sean and Doug are both fans of the film, I was more of a Labyrinth guy as a kid. Unfortunately for me eBay is fresh out of Labyrinth lunchboxes, so I had to settle for this Dark Crystal one instead.

I love displaying my retro lunchboxes but I also love bringing my lunch to work with them, which I do fairly regularly. Funny, I never noticed until this morning how much Aughra looks like a baggie full of raisins.

If you’re a fan of the film as we are here at the Retroist, don’t forget to check out some of our previous Dark Crystal posts and the Retroist Podcast discussing the film.

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  1. Confession time: I have never seen the Dark Crystal; but I know a thing or two about lunch and the boxing of same and I would love to find this one.

    Flack, did you ever get the message I sent you (don’t remember where) about the Photon lunchbox in a local store? Not sure if it is still there but I can check.

  2. I just checked and Dark Crystal is available via Netflix rental (but not streaming).

    I don’t remember seeing that message, but I already have a Photon lunchbox. Thanks for thinking of me though — I love Photon! One of these days I’m going to track down one of the original helmet/gun combos and/or the paperback books (I think there were six in all).

  3. I would buy Dark Crystal anything.

    Dark Crystal Fizzgig fuzzy slippers? Yes. Dark Crystal tire iron? I need. Dark Crystal coat rack? I’m in.

    Nevermind the Photon books; I’ll send you Photon books. Find us a slightly used Photon ARENA.


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