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David Copperfield TV Specials

I know we’re all thinking about Christmas TV specials right now. Those of us who have stopped thinking about Halloween Christmas specials are, anyway. But there were other specials on TV besides the Christmas and Halloween ones. There were also the non-holiday-related David Copperfield TV specials. I don’t know how […]

Dark Crystal Lunchbox

It’s got Jen! It’s got Kira! It’s got a bag full of Doritos and a Thermos full of Kool-Aid! It’s the Dark Crystal lunchbox, straight from eBay to me! Last week on Throwback Reviews Sean and I along with special guest Doug McCoy did an entire show dedicated to The […]

Guinness at Christmas

Isn’t it amazing how attitudes change in the space of 10 years. In 1950, the Guinness company distributed the Christmas edition of their Guinness Time quarterly to its staff and with it a very formal Christmas meal cover showcasing a very privileged household. Move forward 10 years and this formal […]