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In Dragon’s Lair, the 1983 arcade game from Cinematronics, players led Dirk the Daring on his quest to rescue Princess Daphne from the bowels of the evil dragon Singe’s castle. I was ten years old when I first saw the machine, and if I could have had my way I would have dropped out of school to play this new animated game all day, every day. Fortunately my parents did not let me have my way, but a nice compromise was getting a Dragon’s Lair lunchbox. This allowed me to both see pictures of Dirk the Daring every day while still staying in school and obtaining an education. Win/win, in my book.

My original Dragon’s Lair lunchbox is long gone, but thanks to the wonders of eBay and credit cards, once again I am able to bring my grilled cheese sandwiches to work. Unfortunately, every day when I open the lunchbox I find that my sandwiches have been burnt.

“Singed,” actually.

(I’m here all week! Try the Giddy Goon special!)

If you would like to hear more about Dragon’s Lair (and less of my jokes), check out episode 81 of the Retroist’s podcast.

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