Did Anyone Order The Lite-Brite Picture Packs Or Pegs?

Lite Brite - Pictures and Pegs
With Christmas almost upon us it has been very easy to think back on some of those gifts we received as children that entertained us for hours and hours…mainly Hasbro’s Lite-Brite like Sjgeek89 shared with us a couple of months ago.

The real question though is did anyone ever order any of the picture packs or extra pegs that were offered on the order form include with their Lite-Brite?
Lite Brite - Pictures and Pegs B

For myself I can say that I certainly wanted to order a few replacement pegs after a couple of months of play but I ended up getting extras thanks to a local garage sale. Check out some of these picture packs though…who wouldn’t want to make the Wizard of Lite-Brite?
Lite Brite - Group 4

Or the Indian Chief?
Lite Brite - Group 1

Surely the Red Balloon isn’t based on the film, right?
Lite Brite - Group 3

Tropical Fish!
Lite Brite - Group 5

Though I guess the Christmas Tree would be the most appropriate picture for this time of year.
Lite Brite - Group 2


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