Remco Toys: AWA Freebird Buddy Roberts

Remco Toys: AWA Freebird Buddy Roberts

Does anyone remember the AWA? The now defunct American Wrestling Alliance? I sure do. They promoted shows in the Midwest for the most part even though they did dabble in making a national move at times. Eventually the rights for the company were purchased by the monolith of wrestling the WWE. (scoundrels!)

For a brief period of time the AWA produced a line of action figures through the also now defunct toy company Remco. The figures came grouped into packs of two, tag teams mostly but they also packaged some rivals together so that you could have a singles match or two if you were so inclined.

The Remco figures predated the WWF’s LJN Wrestling Superstar line by a smidge. Both started in 1985 but the AWA beat the WWF to the punch by a few months. At the time I dug the Remco figures more because of their increased articulation.

They were physically very similar to the He-Man action figures that debuted two years earlier (1983) but where never as popular or as wide-reaching.

There were 4 series of AWA figures as well as a ring and some little “Thumbsters” or little figures that you could put over your thumb to spice up your thumb wrestling matches.

The AWA figures sell well on the secondary market. I only have few in my collection and very rarely encounter them on the flea market-garage sale circuit and when I do I snap them up like a Hungry-Hungry Hippo.



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  1. I have a set of three of these myself, I always remember that Remco merely ripped off the body style from Masters of the Universe, and I always wondered how they got away with that.

    Anyway, yeah not the greatest sculpts, but at least you could do a three-way match with Ric Flair, Warlord from DC Comics and Skeletor if you wanted.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Remco toys. They were never the best but their efforts seemed so earnest. I seem to remember that they were mostly at K-Mart but that could just be because we went to K-Mart a lot.

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