Wake up Toys! It is time to play with the Kodak Disc Camera!


I do not remember the exact year in the 1980s, but one Christmas just about every one of the kids I knew got a Kodak Disc Camera. I remember asking for one and i got a little 110 camera with a built-in flash instead, which was more than adequate. That spring though, when my class went on a field trip to New York City, the “disc kids” let me know that my little 110 was not at all “cool”.

Why would kids be so focused on a specific model of camera? Probably because commercials like this one which seems focused directly on the little jerks who mocked my 110.

Grrrr. All these years later and I still want that camera (and the robot pictured above)!


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4 thoughts on “Wake up Toys! It is time to play with the Kodak Disc Camera!

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I was one of the “cool” kids that had a Disc Camera, and the pictures it took were terrible. I can remember taking it on a family vacation and getting back photos that were so blurry it was virtually impossible to know what I was trying to capture. Definitely a case of novelty over functionality.

    Wikipedia explains:

    Disc film did not prove hugely successful, mainly because the image on the negative was only 11 mm by 8 mm, leading to generally unacceptable grain and poor definition in the final prints. The film was intended to be printed with special 6-element lenses from Kodak, but many labs simply printed discs with standard 3-element lenses used for larger negative formats. The resulting prints often disappointed the consumer.

  2. @SpaceMonkeyX – That does make me feel a little better. My 110 photos usually turned our poorly. I can only imagine what they might have looked like if I has a disc.

    @J – I would have loved a TMNT 110!

  3. Chris Ayers says:

    I agree with Space Monkey! My mother had one and we always used it for subpar (well, compared to digital) photos. I was so happy when she let me take it to a Rush concert in the early ’80s. I snuck it into the show and took pictures from the floor — and was so disappointed to have a roll of grainy, almost indiscernible pictures!

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