Charlie Brown Christmas Music sounds pretty good played on a Commodore SX-64


Music from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is now ubiquitous, just about every store and coffee shop I have lingered in lately has been playing it. It makes for some great holiday background noise, a lot better in my opinion than a lot of not so holly jolly sounds I often hear this time of year. Perhaps YouTube user, RolandJuno, thinks the same way as me, because he has put together this nice little video showing his very retro Commodore SX-64 playing the song, “Linus and Lucy” via the SID player in the 1541 Ultimate II cartridge.

You have heard this song dozens of times, but hearing it on a Commodore is a unique experience. Enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Christmas Music sounds pretty good played on a Commodore SX-64

  1. There are several songs don’t fit the holiday season. I will refrain from stating those, but what I like to call “Charlie Brown’s theme” is indeed an excellent holiday choice. Sounds sweet on the 64!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    There are very few holiday tunes that still carry that magic, for me (as an aging, jaded child-at-heart, kinda fellow around this time of year).
    Vince Guaraldi’s soothing, snowy soundtrack to my fave TV special holds most of these moments. It helps that they’re instrumentals.

    Hearing this theme on a Commodore is like hearing sleigh bells outside a wintery eve.

    Other faves include ‘What do you get a Wookie for Christmas’ from another great album and the barking dog version of Jingle Bells (more recent, natch, but oh-so-unforgettable and a show-stopper at parties).

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