Retro Radio Memories: Secret Agent K-7 Returns – “Border Violations” (1939)

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Welcome back, friends! For this installment of Retro Radio Memories we are pleased to present the first episode of Secret Agent K-7 Returns entitled “Border Violations”. Secret Agent K-7 actually made his debut back in 1932 and lasted until 1934, though it is believed those episode have been lost to time. There was even serials for the globetrotting K-7 in 1936 and a few short years later in 1939 the show would be remade into Secret Agent K-7 Returns.

When K-7 returned to radio, the show was presented by K-7 himself, reading from his memoirs as it would seem he was retired at this point, when the show began proper the story would be revealed by one of the special agents who participated in the important mission like in tonight’s episode featuring Special Agent Z.

The series itself would last for 78 episodes, an episode being only fifteen minutes long mind you. The subject matters of the time were presented more as cautionary tales about what foreign spies were accomplishing to destabilize World Peace and considering what would happen with the German Invasion of Poland in 1939 and of course some of the actions of the second World War you can look at the radio series episodes as being almost prophetic.

So why not set aside 15 minutes of your busy day and come join us as we turn down the lights and listen to Secret Agent K-7 Returns and the “Border Violations”?


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