Saturday Frights: Night Gallery – “Rare Objects” (1972)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to all of you fans of fiendish film and TV! Those howls you hear from the creatures of the night need be no cause for alarm, you are safe down here with us in the Retroist vault! Us? Yeah, that’s the one and only Doug McCoy behind the concession stand and you can see the esteemed Daniel XIII manning the projector. We also have good friends to the Retroist site Claymation Werewolf as head usher and Phishbo3s in the ticket booth!

This week we have episode 3 from Season 3 of Night Gallery entitled ‘Rare Objects’. It stars Mickey Rooney (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Captains Courageous) as a mob tough guy named August Kolodney that has been marked for death (That might possibly be due to his table manners). Lucky for him…or so it would seem…he meets Dr. Glendon (Raymond Massey) who offers a place of sanctuary for the mobster to hide out.

So why not stay inside tonight and join us down in the Retroist Vault for Saturday Frights as we look over the large collection of “Rare Objects” at the Night Gallery.


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