Time To Call In Frostbite And The Snow Cat! (1985)
Images courtesy of YoJoe.Com

Time To Call In Frostbite And The Snow Cat! (1985)

Image courtesy of YoJoe.Com
Images courtesy of YoJoe.Com

In my neck of the woods the weather people are calling for a massive ice and snow storm for the next three days. I started to worry for a bit to be quite honest until I realized that I should just do like I did in my youth, get on the horn with G.I. Joe and have them send in the Snow Cat to navigate the treacherous terrain…if Frostbite could bring me a cup of hot coca at the same time so much the better.


Now back in the day the Snow Cat was a vehicle I wanted desperately and I still claim to this day that it looks awesome. Maybe I am gullible but it makes perfect sense to me that an arctic based vehicle would have missiles…attached to skis…I can get behind that logic. Don’t judge me.

Snow Cat Blueprints 2 - G.I. Joe - YoJoe.Com

Snow Cat Blueprint 1 - G.I. Joe - YoJoe.Com

Snow Cat Blueprints 3 - G.I. Joe - YoJoe.Com

I didn’t receive Frostbite or the Snow Cat when it first came out but thankfully a few years later I was able to trade my G.I. Joe Bridge Layer or the Toss ‘N Cross as it was more commonly called for a Snow Cat, though I kept my Tollbooth action figure (Hey, he carried a sledgehammer into battle!) and my friend kept his Frostbite.

A big thanks to the always impressive YoJoe.Com for the box art you see up top as well as the tech blue print.


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  1. I got one of those in my basement right now. I’ll send him over if you get snowed in

  2. I’ll hold you to that, Max! :)

  3. Man, I love everything about this era of G.I. Joe toys.

  4. this was one of my faves as a youth. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. @Patrick J. Doody Quite agreed, my friend!

    @iseerobots Glad I was able to help out…if we had one today I might be able to leave my place of work instead of being stranded. Ha, ha.

  6. One of my favorite Joe Vehicles!

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