Thank Goodness for Pac-Man Pasta!

Enjoy a bowl of Pac-Man Pasta

For those with Yellow Fever!

It’s 1984 and Pac-Man is everywhere. Even your meals can be in on the action with the three flavours of arcade pasta from Chef Boyardee!

Who can resist shaped pasta in Mini-Meat Balls, Cheese and Golden Chicken flavours?

These pasta cans featured fun “Pac-Man riddles for hungry kids” on the label – both inside and out!

Pac-Man Pasta from Chef Boyardee
[via] kerrytoonz

…and if you preferred something blue…

If that didn’t get you eating tinned/canned pasta, perhaps the follow-up a year later would? Smurf pasta!

And because this is the internet, Pacman Pasta has a Wiki page.

Perhaps you’d prefer old Pac in your breakfast cereal?

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