Make Yourself a Salty Gingerbread Boy for the Christmas Tree

My sisters were big into crafts when we were young and at some point they had made a bunch of homemade Xmas ornaments. They weren’t the prettiest creations, but boy did we need to make a big deal whenever they were pulled out. They looked a lot like this Gingerbread boy in this ad, just not as pretty or as well made. You wouldn’t know it though from the oohs and aahs my Mom would make every time they were hung up.

One year one of our dogs got under the Christmas tree and while climbing out, knocked it over. Almost nothing broke, but those ornaments. I had never liked them before that day (I was more than a little jealous), but once they were gone, I miss the tradition of hanging them and I was sad this irreplaceable family heirlooms were lost forever. It makes me wonder if my sisters ever thing about them and miss them.


[via] Classic Film


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