The Tomorrow People from Yesteryear

How many readers know that ‘new’ TV show The Tomorrow People isn’t really new at all. Long before it was a brash and expensive 2013 remake, it was a cheesy, low-budget original series from the UK.

And it had an awesome intro!

The series ran for 68 episodes between 1973 and 1979. Aimed squarely at British children, it was a competitor to the BBC’s Doctor Who.

The Tomorrow People, an unauthorised guide

Returning from the Future…

The Tomorrow People proved to be a popular concept. A remake came along for a new generation in 1992, running for 30 episodes over 3 years.

Sadly, the intro wasn’t nearly as memorable meaning this version of the show is mostly forgotten.

The brand didn’t stay dormant after the demise of the remake. It just moved to be an audio series. Starting in 2001, the Big Finish audio series ran for 5 more years and 22 new adventures!

Take a look at The Jaunting Pad Wiki website for more about the entire The Tomorrow People continuity.

Learn more about the British original by reading JAUNT: A Guide to The Tomorrow People. Here’s a great interview with the author over at Starburst Online.

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