Retro Rap: Special Ed: The Mission

Retro Rap: Special Ed: The Mission


The video for Special Ed’s song The Mission is pretty funny. It starts off onstage at The World’s Greatest Liar Contest. (Is that a thing?). Anyway the video starts off at the liar contest and after a couple of dudes get up in front of the audience and spout their ridiculous tall tales Special Ed jumps up onto the stage and starts kicking his song “The Mission” which is a ridiculous tale of espionage and spy whatnot that’d put James Bond to shame…

Basically in the video for The Mission Special Ed is hanging out with his lady when he gets a phone call informing him that he has received a package containing an audio tape. The tape unfortunately self destructs before he can play it.

In the video the tape came delivered in one of those yellow chocolate sampler boxes and sparks flew out of it after Ed gave up trying to figure it out and gives it over to his gal pal to munch on.

So Ed starts driving furiously around NYC looking for the man who sent him the tape (I guess that’s what he’s doing. It’s very unclear).

He’s in an open top jeep (so you can see him) and he has a walkie-talkie in hand. I wonder who he’s talking to on that thing? It’s never explained.

In the song Ed eventually heads to Japan and finds his adversary, a 5 ft 10 inch black-belt Karate master named Lu Chin Chin and they throw hands upon sight. After trying every martial arts style he knows Ed eventually resorts to his hometown’s form of combat, Flatbush style which proves very effective on the classically trained Chin.

The Mission was produced by Hitman Howie T who later did production work for the late great Heavy D. The Mission despite being a totally fun jam with a silly video failed to chart.

It features samples from The James Bond Theme as well as two songs by Fred Wesley, You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks and I’ll Be Straight and Blow Your Head.


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  1. The James Bond theme sampling is good. Judging from the apparel & style, is this from 1991?

  2. Close, 1991.. The beat is great. I agree the samples are pretty tight!

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