Christmas is a Gift from Woolworths


For me, especially when I was growing up, “Christmas is a Gift as Woolworths”, was a very true statement. We went to Woolworths almost weekly. Sometimes as a family and other times when my Grandmother would just take me for an ice cream cone. When I was in college and wanted a treat on a budget, I would head down to the Woolworths’ counter and plunk down a few bucks for a pretty square meal and a Coke. I was really sad when I they started closing these institutions and when I see a shuttered one it makes me a list wistful.

Then I think back to all the great memories I had there or I view one of these old Christmas commercials and my nostalgia goes from sad to happy. Hopefully it will do the same for you.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas is a Gift from Woolworths

  1. Pounds?! A foreign market Woolworth’s?!
    I wonder if any still operate in exotic locales as independents now.
    Eventhough my local Woolworth’s closed in the early ’90s I’d like to think that somewhere lost and forgotten, like Pago Pago, they never received the corporate letter to close and a Woolworth’s is still in business as it always has, with bins of cheap VHS movies, a healthy magazine section and the long lunch counter with the red cushioned spinner stools.

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