A Cool Picture Of Wrestler Antonio Rocca

I really like this picture of Antonio Rocca. He just looks so happy to be putting this tighty-whitey guy in the torture rack. He’s pleased as punch.

Image [via] Plan59
Image [via] Plan59

Antonio Rocca was a pretty cutting edge high flyer back in his day. A high flyer back then might use arm drags or flying headscissors. None of the moonsaults or whatever that grapplers use today. If you think about it though, if the match is supposed to be real how often would you see someone jump up and wrap their legs around some other dude’s head? I can’t remember the last time I saw that in the UFC which doesn’t stage their fights like pro wrestling does. It’s a pretty wild maneuver in reality.

Antonio Rocca used what we call the Torture Rack today as his finisher but he renamed it the Argentinian Backbreaker, he didn’t rename it. He named it first, right? So he pre-named it? Is that a word? Anyway, the backbreaker was his signature move. The Argentinian Backbreaker. Rocca wrestler up until 1977 and passed away the next year.


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