Nothing Goes Together Like Hard Partyin’ Rock Bands and Toys for Children!

Nothing Goes Together Like Hard Partyin’ Rock Bands and Toys for Children!


With all of the Colorforms love on the site recently, I figured I’d share my favorite set with all of you fiends, starring the one and only KISS…and a Dracula by way of Studio 54?!! Anyway, let’s take a look at what was inside the box!


Well, you get all the members of KISS of course, but for some reason they’ve included a guitar for the Catman Peter Criss to use instead of a drum set. Maybe this was to indicate he was singing Beth to soothe Disco Drac (more on him in a bit) into a stupor so the rest of Kiss could use their superpowers to vaporize and burn that (more than likely) cocaine fueled fiend into a small pile of ashes and polyester threads, because much as in their super over the top film Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, KISS have super powers in this set!


Now the villain, whom the enclosed booklet refers to as The Mad Rock Promoter, is a real mystery. As mentioned above, he bears a strong resemblance to Dracula, albeit a vampire lord decked out in platform boots and an open shirt. He also has a kinda/sorta pentagram on his chest, so obviously he’s made some arcane deal with the lords of darkness to get the acts he promotes some serious air play, but while his bands may be popular they are not KISS. How does he intend to destroy the only thing that stands between him and ultimate jukebox domination? Why by throwing multicolored records at KISS and shooting down their marquee with an energy cannon that is created from a giant guitar. I hope he realizes that he’s fighting a group of young men that can shoot laser beams out of their orifices and breathe hellfire (except for Peter whose powers consist of squatting and pointing), and in the case of at least two of them are more than likely outrageously intoxicated.

And there you have it! Who will win in this epic showdown, it is up to you to decide (but it’s KISS…KISS wins). I leave you with an in depth look at the set from YouTube user Tim Sanderson.

All photos from Lynn’s KISS Collection on Kiss

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