Costumes Provided by Lynda Carter’s Yard Sale

In his satin tights, fightin' for your rock!
In his satin tights, fightin’ for your rights…to rock!

Hey creeps, I have to tell ya, the raw animal magnetism of everyone’s favorite Uncle Jesse must have infected my brain, because this is the second post this weekend that I’ve written that centers around the 1986 John Stamos vehicle Never Too Young to Die. As you now know, KISS’ Gene Simmons also starred in the film as the villainous Velvet Von Ragner. Of course the one question you are all asking yourself is where did Gene’s magnificent wardrobe for the film came from? Well, your ol’ pal The Ouija Board Kid is here to provide you with the answer. Lynda Carter. He is dressed in Lynda Carter’s hand me downs. While that may seem strange, it gets even stranger dear fiends, as said outfit was worn by Lynda when she covered the Kiss tune “I Was Made for Loving You” on her 1980 variety special “Encore!” The world is a strange, strange place…

To further make it a snake eating it's tail, there's fake KISS behind her...
Who wore it better?

Daniel XIII

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