Retro Rap: Biz Markie: The Vapors

Retro Rap: Biz Markie: The Vapors


The Vapors is a classic Hip Hop tale of fools trying to be down with you now that you are a big time rap star. You know, they catch The Vapors and want you to do things for them and help them to be famous too. Weak.

This is a pretty common theme in rap. I guess it happens a lot when success happens suddenly and BAM! You are a Popstar but still live in the same apartment you lived in before. It’s the downside of fame. Dudes and ladies getting The Vapors and you not being able to know who you can trust. More money more problems.

The tune is dope because Biz explains not only about how his life has changed since he got famous but also about how things are different for his homies TJ Swan and his partner who’s calm and plain, he goes by the name of Big Daddy Kane.

That’s cool because Biz is getting other people over on his song. Goes to show that he’s more than likely a good guy. He helps a brother out by actually writing his own raps about them. That’s a lot harder than letting them appear on the record and put themselves over. He’s doing all the leg work .

The Vapors dropped in 1988 and was the 2nd single off of Biz’s debut LP: Goin’ Off. The beat was produced by hip hop legend Marly Marl and features samples from the James Brown hit, Papa Don’t take No Mess. Sadly The Vapors failed to chart.


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  1. I wish I could say my friends had the vapors, but I am not even close to having the success Biz Markie has. That reminds me, gotta play the lottery this weekend.

  2. No one’s ever had the vapes for me but at least I can say I’ve never had them for anyone else from my neighborhood either..

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