Does Your Bathroom Need To Look Like The Transporter Room From Star Trek? Yes.

Images courtesy of ThinkGeek.
Images courtesy of ThinkGeek.

Personally my bathroom looks like a shrine to Batman…but after seeing these wonderful original Star Trek inspired items from ThinkGeek I might have to think about redecorating.

Star Trek - Bathroom - Transporter - ThinkGeek
From the site’s official statement on the product: “Apparently one of the questions Star Trek fans repeatedly ask is, “Where are the bathrooms on the Enterprise?” (Sorry. “Waste extraction units” for the Ferengi among us.) We rarely see them, and you know why? Nobody wants a plot that revolves around a rogue replicator turning waste materials into tea, earl grey, hot.

Maybe your significant other won’t let you turn the living room into the bridge of the Enterprise, but just one little room won’t hurt, right? Transform your bathroom into the transporter room from Star Trek: The Original Series with this bath set. We provide the transporter room background on the shower curtain and the platform in the rug. You provide the water to make it look like you’re dematerializing and the sound effects.

Product Specifications

Star Trek Transporter Room Bath Set
Makes it look like you’re disappearing as part of a landing party
Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
Materials: shower curtain – 100% polyester, bath mat – 100% polyester pile
Includes: Shower curtain, 12 shower rings, bath mat, and Heisenberg compensator (although we’re uncertain about that last component)
Dimensions: shower curtain – 72″ square, bath mat – 26″ diameter
Care instructions: Shower curtain – Machine wash cold. Line dry. Bath mat – Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.”

Now if there was only a way to compliment the bathroom decor with something else that was Star Trek related…ThinkGeek has you covered once again with the Electronic Door Chime!
Star Trek - Door Chime - ThinkGeek


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