Happy Thanksgiving 2013!


I am not sure how you spend your Thanksgiving, but this year I am doing something a little different and not going back to NJ to celebrate. Instead I will be home enjoying Turkey at my own Thanksgiving table. I will go for a morning constitutional, come home and watch the parade and then I plan on eating until I pop and marathoning TV shows until I fall asleep. So I guess while the venue changes, some things will remain the same…

I hope that everyone out there, no matter what sort of Turkey day you celebrate is having the best time. Maybe you go out and play some football? Maybe you will go shopping in the newfangled 24/7 shopping madness? Or maybe you will just be on the couch letting the day inch by surrounded by good food and loved ones. No matter which path you choose, just make sure you go turbo on that path and make it the best Turkey Day you can. You only get one of these a year, make it count. I’ll see everyone tomorrow.


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5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to my extended Retroist family; my brethren the ultra talented writers here on the site, as well as the wonderful readers that provide an audience for our rambunctious ramblings! Now if only it was 1983 and WWOR was marathoning some Kong flicks…

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