Who else loved Whitman Press-Out Books?

The approaching holidays reminded me of something I had not thought of in a while. In the 70s I would get so excited about upcoming holidays that my mother would seek out things to keep me busy and out of her way. Some of the best things were the Whitman press out and assemble books. I would buy these at the dime store or grocery store. They cost less than a dollar and provided hours of play time for me and would allow my parents to take care of holiday tasks without my constant questions. Whitman offered a large variety of these books including the Rodeo seen here, along with a press out zoo, airport, circus, dinosaur museum, frontier town, shopping mall and many more. The pieces were easy to punch out of the pages and assemble to complete your very own tiny play set. I often would compliment the set with my own additions of Matchbox cars, army men, plastic animals and whatever else I could think of. Whitman also offered the sticker activity books. These had press out stickers that you had to actually lick like a stamp and then apply on the dotted lines in the books.

Thank you Whitman for the hours and hours of entertainment you provided me as a kid. I’m sure lots of parents used these as babysitters just like my parents often did.





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