EPMD: You Gots To Chill

You Gots To Chill was the 4th single released off EPMD’s debut LP Strictly Business. The LP was released on Aug 30, 1988, peaked at 80 on the Billboard charts and was granted the prestigious 5 mics by Source Magazine, their highest accolade.

The song contains a sample from More Bounce To The Ounce by Zapp and is on Source Magazine’s list of the top 100 rap songs of all the times.

EPMD which stands for Erick and Parrish Making Dollars hailed from Brentwood Long Island and consisted of MCs Parrish Smith (PMD) and Erick Sermon (E). The group had a rotating cast of DJs including DJ Diamond J, DJ K La Boss and later and most famously DJ Scratch who joined the group in 1989 on the recommendation of Run DMC member Jam Master Jay and stayed with EPMD until their breakup in 1993.


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