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Coke Adds Life to…

Since I was kid, I have been cutting out and collecting ads. A few years I started digitizing some of them. The first folder I tackled was a way too heavy Coca-Cola one. I have always enjoy Coke and their ads and this one was on top of the pile. […]

Call the MC Hammer Hotline

I was a pretty naive kid and dialed a bunch of 976-type numbers to talk to the likes of Santa and Howard the Duck. I am very happy to say though, that I never called the MC Hammer hotline. Although if the number still worked, I would love to do […]

Horror F/X Hosted By Tom Savini

I was browsing Amazon Instant Videos when I stumbled across a gem I had not seen in years, Horror Effects Hosted By Tom Savini (since the early 1990s?). If you have not watched it, you should because in it, horror-master Tom Savini gives a step-by-step demo of some amazing effects. […]