De Angelis Brothers Appreciation Day

Two wild and crazy guys
Two wild and crazy guys
Hey creeps, did you know that today is De Angelis Brothers Appreciation Day? Well, it isn’t…but it should be. Who are the De Angelis Brothers? Well simply put, they are responsible for some of the most outrageous music ever to grace a movie screen. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look (and listen):
First up is the theme from Sergio Martinos 1977 spaghetti western Mannaja, or as it’s known in the States, a Man Called Blade.

Well, how about that? If nothing else you have to admit you’ve never heard anything quite like it…unless you’ve seen Enzo G. Castellari’s Keoma (1976), where the gravel voiced Guy is joined by the warbblin’ wonder Sybil to present us with a duet unlike any other.

But for me the pinnacle of the Brothers musical output was the theme song to Antonio Margheriti’s 1983 Reb Brown starring barbarian epic Yor the Hunter From the Future (believe me, if you only know Mr. Brown from Space Mutiny, ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet). This piece of music (or at least the chorus refrain) plays roughly 4,692 times during the film’s 88 minute runtime.

So now I ask you dear readers, do you have a favorite tune by the De Angelis Brothers that I haven’t mentioned above? Probably not. But, please feel free to leave your thoughts on these themes in the comments section!

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