The Return of the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon!


I hope this makes sense, because my fingers are shaking as I type this, but the Turkey Day Marathon is back!!!! The annual MST3K event was one of my favorite days of the year. I’d often take a plate of food and sneak off to a room with a TV (one that wasn’t playing a football game) to catch a bit of Teenage Crime Wave, Gamera or Daddy-O when nobody was looking. Failing that, I’d get one of those 8-hour VHS tapes and set it up to record the movies and the special host segments. Before they were available on home video, this was like striking gold. And oil. And diamonds. In heaven.

SHOUT! Factory will stream six episodes selected and hosted by Joel Hodgson live beginning at noon ET on Thanksgiving. I assume they will be all Joel episodes (which is fine, I take no sides in the Joel-Mike debate), but they are currently taking episode suggestions.

I’m going to be a Thanksgiving “orphan” this year due to scheduling conflicts, but if I can’t spend Turkey Day with the family, spending it with Joel, Mike and the bots will do just fine. Head on over to the official site for more details. MOVIE SIGN!


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