Prepare To Be Amazed By Anders Ramsell’s Animated Blade Runner Film…With 12,597 Water Color Paintings!

Image courtesy of Anders Ramsell.
Image courtesy of Anders Ramsell.

When speaking of fan art regarding movies and YouTube I have found a slew of videos that might take a trailer and recut it, adding new music or pieces of other movies to show us what a Justice League film might resemble or possibly what a cult classic movie sequel might have looked like if it had been lucky enough to get the greenlight.

What artist Anders Ramsell has accomplished is pretty extraordinary…the artist has painted 12,597 water color images, filmed them and combined them with the dialogue from Ridley Scott’s classic Sci-Fi/Noir Blade Runner to create a 35 minute ‘snapshot’, a moving painting that is beautiful to behold.

[Via] Anders Ramsell’s YouTube Page

A big thanks to Ain’t It Cool News for the heads up on this!


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