Have you seen Black Shampoo?

If you’ve never seen Black Shampoo (1976) I can’t say that you should I think that knowing that there is a movie called Black Shampoo and that it’s about an African-American hair dresser named Jonathan Knight who goes toe to toe with the mob after they mess with one of the girls that works down at the salon is probably enough for the average person. Really even that might be more than the average movie fan needs to know. They’d probably be satisfied knowing that there is actually a movie named Black Shampoo and seeing it might be a little too much.


Still though it’s cool to think someone out there with the power to green light movies thought that it was a good idea to base a flick around the exploits of a hairdresser who has a way with the ladies that’s only equaled by his way with his knuckles. How do they put it in the trailer? “He’s the height of fashion, the peak of passion”? That says half of what you need to know about Mr.Jonathan, Let’s see what else..? “This stud is no dud. He’s bad, He’s mean. He’s a lovin’ machine.” I think with that he has most of the bases of coolness covered like few action heroes before him had. He also has a hair dryer and as far as I know that makes him unique in action film history.



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