Europe’s First Home Computer Terminal was Terrifyingly Loud

I Love you Computer Terminal

The man in bed, his head resting ever so close to this mechanical marvel then BOOOOOM, It starts it mechanized clicking and clacking. The gentlemen slowly reaches over, not even alarmed at the sound (maybe because he is dead already?) Perhaps I am the sensitive type, but boy would this thing have scared the cheese out of me every morning.

I like to consider myself “technology-forward”, but had I seen this report back in 1967, I would have doubted the future of an interconnected world.


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2 thoughts on “Europe’s First Home Computer Terminal was Terrifyingly Loud

  1. Yes, a teletype: The same device that Thompson, Ritchie and team used to program Unix.

    Of course, the nerd in me wanted to know all sorts of things the program did not provide: What computer model was the teletype connected to (IBM 360, I’m guessing)? What operating system was used? Did the teletype connected via a modem or was there a dedicated line? If it used a modem, did it use an acoustical decoupler? What program was the user running? Was it a commercial program or home grown?

    I’m probably putting too much thought into this. ;)

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