Pac-Man Gobbles up a Nation

Pac-Man Gobbles up a Nation


While shopping at the retro section at a local antique mall I picked up a small bundle of StarLog magazine. Man, I love StarLog. It covered all of my geeky interests, Sci-Fi Movies, TV, Books and sometimes even video games. Arcade culture was in full swing and it’d be silly for StarLog to ignore it even though it wasn’t directly sci-Fi related.

The issue that I grabbed the little Pac-Man thing up there is from ’82 and that month the magazine featured an article on some of the popular toys of the year, Star Wars figures, Merlins, Indiana Jones toys and the like. This Pac-Man article was a sidebar to a larger article. I guess Pac-Man licensing was running wild at the time. No, I know it was and the editors felt it deserved a little individual attention.

I have so much Pac-Stuff in my personal retro collection that it’s nuts. Well, maybe not nuts but I have a lot and it just goes to prove that they were making a lot.


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  1. I loved the Pac-Man board game but I didn’t realize it was from 82, wow. I’m going to have to go dig in my mothers basement again.

  2. I’m assuming everyone knows that every issue of Starlog is online? Here:

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